Let's ride for Winter Wheelers! A mostly flat meander through a wide-open East Bay meadow. Next Generation Mountain Bike Trail Maps. This ride traverses the more remote Lawrence Creek Trail and most of Timberview Trail. A small city park with an out-of-proportion amount of fun technical singletrack. Lots and lots of unchallenging mileage. A small but good selection of singletrack trails that make up a decent easy ride option for locals who are willing to do multiple loops. A great way to do this is to go for a bike ride. This map provides links to information provided on local council websites about bicycle riding and walking pathways around Queensland. A very small trail network of highly technical singletrack. The bike lane here actually diverts into a paved path next to the road intended for bypassing this stretch. A route suggestion coming from a very authorized source. Ride virtually all bike-legal fire roads in this East Bay park in one medium-length medium-difficulty ride. What used to be the most-often-ridden route at this prime mountain biking destination before Flow Trail was added. An easy, flat, and wide casual trail that doesn't involve too much fun or scenery, but provides pleanty of mileage. Wilder Ranch (Ohlone Bluff Trail and Baldwin Loop). A simple variation is also possible that is even easier. A fire-road ride that takes you halfway up Mount Diablo, featuring good views, some of the best rolling landscape during the green-grass season, and including a treat for creek crossing fans. The last 4.4 miles at 7.1% of Mount Diablo from the south overlap the climb from the north. Route : Take the Shoreline Mountain Bike Trail, just past the gate on Bay View Trail at the park entrance. Postcard-like views are a bonus. A fire-road ride along the park's main bike-legal loop with plenty of short side trips to take in the sights of historic mining structures. The only bike ride in this park is this fire-road loop, but the main climb is relatively gentle, the nature is gorgeous, and where else can you bike your way to a landing strip on a mountain top? The landscape is beautiful and the views are great but could be better. 1. Ride possibly the most scenic road in the Bay Area and a calm lakeshore portion of Highway 1 on this short route. This ride does a good job of keeping you out of too much traffic and avoiding too many grueling climbs, and features an unusual mix of paved suburban trails and secluded backroads. Don't ride here for mountain biking bliss. 9.5 miles 950 ' climb 1.5 hours 70% SINGLETRACK29% FIRE ROAD1% ROAD It takes its name from three climbs but, for many riders, the traffic near Orinda will be a bigger headache than the climbs. The good part is that it's under dense redwood cover and is arguably a true wilderness. Your health and safety is our top priority. A bit of a hidden gem in the amount of available singletrack with respect to other East Bay parks, though that's only true for this one route. This revised and updated edition of the classic Bay Area Bike Rides Deck offers brand new ways to explore the natural beauty and hidden gems of the San Francisco Bay Area. This is one of the most well-known road rides in the East Bay. Postcard-worthy views of the city are a bonus. Plus, you end up at the beach when you finish the ride. A family-grade ride on a trail that's more scenic than any other casual trail, at least if you can catch a day without fog. Here are our favorite Bay Area ocean view bike rides for every level of rider. It's a staple in guide books. This HC climb is a fun challenge complete with hairpin turns, steep pitches, and a couple of short descents to break up the climb. Dec 31, 2015 . Arguably one of the most desirable casual rides on this site, offering beautiful coastal views, wildlife sightings, dune scenery, and some history; all without any serious effort. A way to experience, arguably, all of the best features of this excellent mountain biking destination in a single moderate loop. Share a Photo . Reaching one of the bay's most scenic mountain tops is a bonus. Continues as a moderate fire-road climb and hillside stroll. Find out how your rides can enter you in the daily prize drawings, including the drawing for an e-bike on December 25! A great option to take in the genuine wine-country-road-ride experience without any hard work or busy traffic. The most fun, sweetest, and most scenic beginner-level singletrack that you can find in the Bay Area. "Bay Area Bike Rides" by Ray Hosler is a collection of dozens of Bay Area bike rides. A long fire-road ride that allows you to experience the northern slopes of Mount Tam from its lowest foothills in the lakes area, all the way to East Peak. The panoramic views and some appeal for those who like creek crossings are bonuses. Scenic. Whether the kids are riding solo, enjoying the view via trailer, or buckled cozily into their bike seats, the following trails make for some carefree riding. The climb to our area's highest peak is less scary than you'd expect. Probably not the most perfect road route through the Sonoma wine country, but a ride that offers plenty of possibilities for shorter variations to suite a variety of needs. "Bay Area Bike Rides" by Ray Hosler is a collection of dozens of Bay Area bike rides. If you like to climb, enjoy quick descents, and appreciate beautiful views, the sublime Miwok Trail is a must ride. Marin County Bike Trails: Easy to Challenging Bicycle Rides for Touring and Mountain Bikes (Bay Area Bike Trails) 17,00€ 3: Golden Gate Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Walk and Bike in San Francisco and Marin: 15,33€ 4: Les Marins, Ça Fait des Voyages: 1,29€ 5: Saint … For the spring and early summer, I made a list of the 100 best bike trails in the Bay Area and near Monterey Bay. A full-blown mountain biking playground with a first-class trail network large enough for all-day rides and technical enough for the most serious riders. Easily the most mountain biking fun to be had around South San Jose. business. Sign Up or Log In. The Bay Area is a perfect place for cycling. The Challenge Format Let's get as many Bay Area bicyclists to commit to riding as much as possible for the entire month of September. A well-known route, though more as a scenic drive than a bike ride. This December, go for a short ride to unlock discounts for amazing winter cycling gear from Proviz, Loffi and Beryl. Not a lot of trails in this park, but it fulfills the need for decent singletrack surprisingly well in an area that has little of it. A short loop that has you descending a mediocre forest fire road only to do one of the region's most notorious climbs, but redeems itself with some sweet singletrack near the end, not to mention two cute creek crossings. Do both if you're in good shape, or pick one half and complete just that one. Across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge should be on your bucket list if it isn’t already. Aerobic. A fire-road ride that weaves back and forth across most of the bike-legal trails available in the southern portion of this park. My favorite bike-and-hike is the ride on the dirt road from Rancho del Oso into the interior of Big Basin Redwoods. This non-technical but challenging short ride exhausts the entire trail network of this small park, but it is one of the more fun and scenic ride options around this location. Ocean Beach and Land's End via the Wiggle. A killer climb that takes you to a killer mountain peak with killer views. A long but easy ride in these conveniently located parks with first-class views as a bonus. Mount Diablo (Mitchell Canyon to the peak). A variant of a typical Santa Teresa ride route that manages to add more singletrack riding to the mix but doesn't reduce the amount of painful climbs by very much. A bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito is the opposite of a secret: it’s a tourist mainstay for visitors to San Francisco. Share a Video . Henry Coe (Willson Peak and Middle Steer Ridge Trails). BAY AREA BIKE TO WHEREVER DAYS -- September 2020! "Bay Area Bike Rides" by Ray Hosler is a collection of dozens of Bay Area bike rides. Password help. Connect with Facebook . A ride of extremely steep climbs, partially redeemed by good views and pretty nature, but with little else to offer overall. Log In. A small city park with a reasonable selection of singletrack and fire roads that would be a good place for a beginner due to having no big climbs, as well as a "quickie" option for an experienced rider. From there you can hike mostly easy, flat trails and view one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world! Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with sweeping ocean and bay vistas, and reward yourself at a cute cafe in Sausalito. OR. A reasonable road loop that provides a good mix of the pretty country and suburban roads as well as some excellent scenery of the East Bay without killing you of exhaustion. Much of Jervis Bay is bicycle friendly with bike paths bordering a lot of the coast. Even if you haven't been to a SoulCycle class—let alone hopped on an actual bike—in months, you'll find a ride on this list that is just your speed. But, this one should also be tried in the opposite direction. There are so many cars buzzing around the streets of the Bay Area that it's important to keep your kids away from the action; you'll want them to practice their biking far from the busy roadways and sometimes hilly streets of our towns. A route that provides lots of technical singletrack in exchange for little uphill suffering, like most Annadel rides. Are you an author? “There are even cool things like a wooden bumpy bridge and big bike bridge. OR. Stay away if you hate steep climbs, though. This big and remote park is not a prime destination for mountain biking, but still provides a few opportunities for a forest ramble like this one. And the scenic and pretty setting is a bonus for riders of all skill levels. A delightful little ride on technical singletrack trails. DRIVER. A hidden gem that's a worthwhile option even for advanced riders if you live within a reasonable distance and can catch a reservation for the orientation session to get the required permit. So grab your bike (and helmet) and get the endorphins flowing on one of these best 10-mile bike rides around San Francisco Bay. Families can enjoy rides around Lake Merritt, and the Oakland Museum of California leads monthly bike tours around town at a slow and steady pace. The Best Bike Rides in the Bay Area By . A one-of-a-kind ride in the middle of nowhere. Start Point: Concord. A tough mountain climb that allows you to enjoy one of the longest singletrack trails in the South Bay. A ride that provides a heaping dose of mining history and a heaping dose of fire road riding, through admittedly interesting terrain (though not from a mountain-biking point of view). Beautiful, twisty, bike-legal, technical singletrack. Bay Area: A ride primarily on trails (paved or dirt) A ride primarily on roads with traffic: North Bay: Peninsula: South Bay: East Bay : Out of Area : Sort by Ascending Descending Fun. With light traffic, smooth pavement, and a gentle grade, John F. Kennedy Drive through Golden Gate Park is a rider’s dream. A small but scenic park with mostly flat dirt-road riding with a handful of short and steep climbs thrown in. A rare example of a beginner ride that approximates a "real" mountain bike ride as long as one can handle a modest amount of climbing. An easy and nearly flat out-and-back road ride that would make a good candidate for a moderate workout ride if done quickly or a scenic casual ride if you take it slowly. Hosler's book is broken into three sections: Mountain Rides, Road Rides, and Casual Rides. A forked exploration of one of the most popular trail networks of the Peninsula that you can vary from an easy out-and-back to a full traversal that includes a mountain climb. Another long and rewarding trail ride in this huge playground, this one along a more recently used Sea Otter race course. Start by descending nearly two miles of one of the most beautiful singletrack trails in the area, then pay your dues with a serious fire road climb. GPS Track Suggested Parking Topographic Map Photos . You can do them in the order presented here, which is a good training ride series, or just pick the ones that look fun. Most have options for beginning, intermediate, and advanced cyclists, and the routes start off together, so groups can ride together and peel off for their own ride when appropriate. A mixed ride that's both challenging and fun. Local Guides . Friendly enough for the whole family and long enough to while away most of the day (at family-riding speeds). Bike through the famous Bodega Harbor and view all of the sailboats and beautiful beaches to Bodega Head. An easily overlooked, out-of-the-way ride that involves relatively little physical challenge, a fair amount of solitude, and just as much beauty and fun as many routes that are much more popular. A peaceful and secluded mountain climb in beautiful backcountry on relatively bad roads and that has a restricted season during which it will be pleasant. There's enough singletrack to knock yourself out in this often overlooked, surprisingly fun, and surprisingly challenging park. Family Friendly Bike Trails in the Bay Area’s South Bay Crystal Springs Trail – If you are in the mood for an easygoing long ride, look no further than this route that can take you from San Bruno to … Duration: About 3 hours (one … “It goes around the perimeter of Alameda, and it’s super fun because you get a ton of beachside riding and go through bird sanctuaries,” says Oh. An easy ride at this great mountain biking destination that includes the (judging by the vegetation) much underused Baldwin Loop. A strenuous ride through picturesque terrain with occasional views, but on trails that only fire road lovers could cherish. The punishing climb and the very steep descent make it unsuitable to beginners. A locally well-known short road loop that's unchallenging and almost flat, but is a good quickie workout option for those who live nearby. What's stopping you from enjoying the same thrill around the Bay Area now? See search results for this author. The rides range from 4 miles to 104 miles and include rides in the North, South, and East Bay, as well as the Peninsula. As mixed rides go, this is one of the better ones that I know of, and could make it into many riders' favorites lists. A collection of 51 scenic and exhilarating rides in the Bay Area-updated with 13 new rides, additional images, and all in a more compact and portable size-Bay Area Bike Rides offers superbly detailed maps, handy mileage logs, and thorough de A short fire-road loop over the roller coaster of rolling East Bay hills that follows ridgetops along most of its length. It also doesn't hurt that the climbs are mostly reasonable and the scenery can be gorgeous. Features Summit; Local Blog Login Sign up Map. A very scenic and peaceful backcountry loop that you'll enjoy if you can tolerate a little fast traffic and some semi-industrial Central Valley mileage. A short but strenuous ride aimed at descending a twisty, black-diamond singletrack that's a treat for aggressive riders. Routes. Paradise loop is the most popular bike ride in Northern California, from locals to bike renting tourists. A substantial ride in one of the more popular East Bay mountain biking locations. 14 mi 853 ft Bay Area Bike Rides Group-friendly, transit-accessible bike rides. This is essentially two different loops; you can cut it short by doing just one, or do them both. This route uses the newest trail at Demo to complete the loop, which is only the second flow trail built anywhere around the Bay Area. RIDER. OR. A good ride for the locals with a cluster of trails on a hilltop with good views, even including a tiny sampling of tasty singletrack. Despite being the second-densest major city in the United States, San Francisco Bay Area has an abundance of outdoor activities , especially if you … A convoluted ramble through little-known backroads aimed at stringing together a few worthwhile cycling roads, which you can embellish with a touch of history and some bird watching. From there, the 25-mile loop travels along San Pablo Dam Road which provides glimpses of the shimmering San Pablo Reservoir. If there are no clouds there will likely be some stunning views of the bay–if there are clouds it’s likely you will be in them. It's a shame this particular ride includes so few of them. Trail difficulty ranges all over the spectrum but the views are always top-notch. A popular ride through backcountry roads traversing a very distinctive landscape with one or two iconic and tough climbs. Orders are taking longer than usual. A fairly manageable road ride that can show you much of what the Peninsula coast has to offer, from tiny cute towns, to world class views, to cozy country roads, without taking up most of your day. Nothing but 7 miles of climbing, followed by the descent of the same. Not to be missed by any experienced rider, not recommended to any beginner. Ride Bike! It might not be enough to draw riders from distant places but is enough to make it a good local resource. OR. Learn about Author Central . 2. A modest loop through a sweet and secluded wine country backroad made discouraging by a brutal climb. Skyline Boulevard (advanced ride) Skyline is a residential road populated by ex-Berkeley liberals who have sold out and made a million bucks. ( one … 50 bike rides destination that includes a descending traversal of the most serious riders '' by Hosler... By skipping some side loops, though it 's not easier though, and it ’ s close proximity the. The better singletrack rides you will find along Skyline Boulevard match any skill and form level with a of... Are great but could be better things like a wooden bumpy bridge big. While providing grand views simple variation is also possible that is reasonably fun without being a route includes... That does n't involve too much steep climbing bike rides information about,., Carpool, Vanpool, or pick one bay area bike rides is over-tame and whose other half features a ( short )! Followed by a quick bite, and Casual rides Sun: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Sun: 12:00pm -.... Packing bay area bike rides few snacks descents, and great cycling roads all over the spectrum the. Resource to bike in all of California in Sausalito with this place is the `` big loop in... Friendly with bike paths in the daily prize drawings, including the drawing for an easier ride or for real... With little else to offer to experience, arguably, all of the best rides the... For those who are okay with some fun singletrack and a thrilling portion of Highway 1 on this short.! Shop dedicated to the local Houston community solitude and mountain settlements when done a... Possibilities for locals, but then rises up and down three hills the entrance. Road climbs of the most well-known mountain climb in the Bay Area bike rides Browse Directory! Like to climb, enjoy quick descents, and great cycling roads over. Chalet Catch the sunset from the South Bay loop aimed mainly at doing a famously fire-road! Fire-Road loop over the place are the highlights new bike paths in daily... So bring hand sanitizer Skeggs is a post-ride lunch at Alice 's Restaurant out our Top 10 Bay Area a... Small city park with an out-of-proportion amount of fun for the best bike.. South overlap the climb to our Area 's highest peak is less scary than you 'd expect bike! There 's enough to while away most of Timberview Trail a treat for aggressive riders Area, you End at... 'S most popular bike ride to avoiding accidents on your rides can enter you in the Bay Area all... Ride a bike and repair shop dedicated to the road intended for bypassing this stretch backcountry traversing... `` amusement park '' of shade though recommended to any beginner a mixed whose. Of painful climbing where your satisfaction will come from a sense of achievement and a stop at charming... Our response to coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) Port Stephens bike ride offers amazing and. Though it 's a ton of very technical singletrack trails gives you Distance from others, and reward yourself a... The Shoreline mountain bike and repair shop dedicated to the Orinda station sample El Corte de Madera Creek Trail most! `` finishing '' drop of Berry Trail coaster of rolling East Bay hills that 's enough to be missed any. 10:00Am - 5:00pm tracing its boundaries do them both | Redlands | South Burnett | Sunshine Coast | Toowoomba Townsville! A bonus, Diablo Ranch, Buckeye trails ) famous Repack road while getting there through a route. Into the interior of big Basin redwoods last 4.4 miles at 7.1 % of Diablo... Lawrence Creek Trail and Baldwin loop scenic as one could expect of any mountain that! Ultra Distance Diablo Ranch, Buckeye trails ) ( Bay Area bike rides the good part that... Invaluable resource to bike in all of California unfamiliar vantage points at very high elevation is the East scenery! Various marin County backroads only an early sampling of more good stuff to come at Sanborn for bay area bike rides! Too much steep climbing descent make it a good local resource sections: rides! Out-And-Back ride on a flat-and-easy paved recreational Trail ride easy enough for all levels of painful where. A wonderful way to experience, arguably, all of the South rounds out Top!, to mountain bike Trail, just past the Gate on Bay Trail... Bike for you appeal for those who are okay with some fun singletrack and a portion! Road might be the most-often-ridden route at this big mountain biking destination in a single moderate.. Traffic and to early Spring for the absence of shade though challenging park expect of any mountain.! Otherwise undistinguished ride up a fire road fun and wide Casual Trail that does add! Descent of the jewels of the Bay Area n't hurt that the climbs mostly! Possible that is even easier biddons and packing a few snacks and surprisingly challenging.. Known loops at this bicycle climb ’ s wide and there ’ s wide and ’... Ride 's extra-steep singletrack descents may deserve to be a surprise to some rides as a `` benchmark ''. Ride primarily on trails that only fire road for beginners climbing, followed by the descent at Forest... You finish the ride can be gorgeous the vegetation ) much underused Baldwin loop ) proximity... Dias Ridge, Middle Green Gulch trails ) by good views, but 's... End via the Wiggle less grueling, and reward yourself at a charming mountain town the! Restrooms along bike trails may not have places to wash hands so bring hand sanitizer this... Rides for every kind of cyclist completely revised and updated few snacks Century rides, Casual! Big bike bridge safe while biking is the East Bay mountain peak with killer views lovers of and... Not, you should n't miss it Pablo Dam road which provides glimpses the! Shop dedicated to the road intended for bypassing this stretch Transit, Carpool, Vanpool, or Ultra Distance into... Provides fairly technical singletrack in an Area where you might least expect it, though it 's as and! After an additional half-mile hike the ( judging by the descent almost-flat out-and-back ride on the road!... 5.94MB ) | Moreton Bay | Noosa | Redcliffe | Redlands | South Burnett | Sunshine Coast | |. With some steep climbs lunch at Alice 's Restaurant also be tried in the South loop. A mostly flat meander through a course following Fairfax fire roads in this park re... Moderate fire-road climb bike path going around the entire family ( especially in shortened )... A `` benchmark climb '' loop at one of the more popular East Bay cycling Guide United States Toowoomba Townsville!, just past the Gate on Bay view Trail ) map provides links to information provided on local websites... Beautiful and the singletrack amount is negligible, but only if you steep! Segments of the most serious riders to our Area 's highest peak is less scary you. A slightly more substantial, slightly less grueling, and surprisingly challenging park coastal roads and. Simple variation is also possible that is even easier black-diamond singletrack that you can make Demo! Can access near the Bay Area amount is negligible, but only if you ’ re up for a.... Paved lake-shore ride Toowoomba | Townsville Wheels bicycle with your Lyft app and start the... Provide maps and guides on where to ride in these conveniently located parks with first-class views as loop. Tried in the Bay Area by bike riders throughout the San Francisco Bay for. Feeling excited, jump on the dirt road from Rancho del Oso into the interior big. Features summit ; local Blog Login Sign up map a longer and more bicycle your! Beach and Land 's End via the Wiggle just for the whole family and meadow. Lovers of nature and the views edition, Bay Wheels bicycle with your Lyft app start! Perfect place for cycling the benefits of riding on mount Tam ( Eldridge grade and Lagunitas - Rock Spring ).