Mordred is a major antagonist on the BBC show Merlin. Mordred is King Arthur's son. In early literature derived from Geoffrey's Historia, Mordred was considered the legitimate son of Arthur's sister or half-sister queen variably known as Anna or Morgause (Orcades / Morcades / Morgawse / Margawse) with her husband, Lot (Loth), the king of either Lothian or Orkney. In stark contrast to many modern works, Mordred's only interaction with Morgan le Fay in any medieval text occurs when he and his brothers visit Morgan's castle in the Vulgate Queste, in which she is Mordred's aunt. Mordred Hits: 2|3|1|4 Mana Burst A Increases own Buster performance for 1 turn. Later, Uther orders his soldiers to attack the druid camp (under the impression that they kidnapped Morgana) and Morgana is taken away back to Camelot. [2][3], The earliest surviving mention of Mordred (referred to as Medraut) is found in an entry for the year 537 in the chronicle Annales Cambriae (The Annals of Wales), which references his name in an association with the Battle of Camlann. In Henry of Huntingdon's retelling of Geoffrey's Historia, Mordred is beheaded at Camlann in a lone charge against him and his entire host by Arthur himself, who suffers many injuries in the process. Mordred also becomes the one to reveal Merlin's true identity as Emrys to Morgana, thus making Morgana and Merlin archenemies. In some of the legends, he betrayed Arthur and killed him. (1937) – (dt. It is soon revealed that Arthur is leading an army to intercept the two and Mordred plan to lead an attack against the army. [23] Geoffrey's account of the episode may be based on Constantine's murder of two "royal youths" as mentioned by the 6th-century writer Gildas. Merlin is confused on how to deal with … He is involved in the adventures of his brothers, having grown to become the tallest among them, and some of their fellow knights such as Brunor. In order to defeat Arthur, in order to become a king that could surpass Arthur, Mordred was born. Geoffrey does … Colin Roy Campbell of Glenure killed: James Stewart executed Allan Stewart exiled The Appin Murder (Scottish Gaelic: Murt na h-Apainn)occurred on 14 May 1752 near Appin in the west of Scotland, which resulted in what is often characterized as a notorious miscarriage of justice. The earliest occurence is in the Mort Artu. Full Name Morgause (Igraine's sister, she brought up Mordred) taught Mordred to hate his father. Druid Boy (Uther Pendragon)Sir Mordred Mordred begs the king to spare her life and is refused many times. He is a man compared to his female counterpart who serves Artoria Pendragon. However he is first mentioned as falling in the same battle as Arthur though it doesn't say whether he and Arthur were on different sides. The 18th-century Welsh antiquarian Lewis Morris, based on statements made by the Scottish chronicler Boece, suggested that Medrawd had wife named Cwyllog, daughter of Caw. yapped the fox girl, "There is obviously a dead human in here with us." The Annales themselves were completed between 960 and 970, though their authors drew on older material. Arthur, having been gravely wounded in battle, is sent to be healed by Morgen (Morgan) in Avalon. He prevents this from happening by convincing Ragnor to take them to Morgana, who is now an evil sorceress. "Any idea who might have killed him?" After Merlin kills Morgana, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms and the prophecy the warlock tried so hard to prevent came true as a result. It is soon revealed that he had been injured during his escape becomes sick from infection as a result. Get his revenge against Arthur Pendragon (succeeded). He was portrayed by Alexander Vlahos as an adult, and Asa Butterfield as a child. In the revision known as the Post-Vulgate Cycle, and consequently in Thomas Malory's English compilation Le Morte d'Arthur (The Death of Arthur), Arthur is told prophecy by Merlin about a just-born child that is to be his undoing, and so he tries to avert the fate by ordering the killing of all the May Day newborns. "King Arthur's illegitimate son who betrayed his father and lord by raising his sword in battle against him." [18] Another late Welsh tradition was that Medrawd's wife was Gwenhwy(f)ach, sister of Gwenhwyfar.[18]. However, Mordred's two sons and their Saxon allies later rise against him. DruidKnight of Camelot (formerly) ", This brief entry gives no information as to whether Mordred killed or was killed by Arthur, or even if he was fighting against him. [9][10] What connection exists between the stories of Amr and Mordred, if there is one, has never been satisfactorily explained. [14], In the early 13th century, the Old French literature of the chivalric romance genre expanded on the history of Mordred prior to the civil war with Arthur. In the earliest Arthurian legends, Mordred seems to have been regarded a hero. Merlin betrays this trust and tells Arthur about the girl, who is arrested after trying to kill Arthur and is sentenced to death. He describes Gruffudd as having eissor Medrawd ("the nature of Medrawd") as to have valour in battle. Set many years after the events of season two, Mordred is now an adult who has left the druids and has allied himself with a group of renegades led by Ragnor. Mordred(モードレッド, Mōdoreddo?) In the process, Mordred himself was killed. [16] However, the angry Mordred kills the priest before he could warn Arthur, and while Lancelot does tell Guinevere, she refuses to believe in it and does not banish Mordred. ", "Arthurian References in the 'Annales Cambriae, "Frequently Asked Questions about the Arthurian Legends | Robbins Library Digital Projects", "Discovery of King Arthur's Grave: Margam Abbey Chronicle", The different accounts of Mordred's death at Camlann (Salisbury Plain), Locations associated with Arthurian legend,, Characters in works by Geoffrey of Monmouth, Fictional offspring of incestuous relationships, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Usurper high king of Britain (a prince of, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 18:59. With the last of his strength, Mordred impales himself even further to be within striking distance, and lands a mortal blow with his sword to King Arthur's head. After Mordred is conceived, Merlin prophesies that the child will later destroy Arthur and his realm, and advises him to round up all the babies born on May Day and put them out to sea, in hopes of killing him. Mordred does not appear in the show again until season five. Lancelot killed his fellow knights Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth (Mordred's other half-brothers) before rescuing Guinevere, and their surviving brother Gawain convinced Arthur to pursue the eloped lovers to France. In a battle near Winchester, Melehan slays Lionel, brother to Bors the Younger; Bors kills Melehan, avenging his brother's death, while Lancelot kills the unnamed younger brother who tried to escape deep into a forest. In such modern adaptations, Morgause is often conflated with (and into) the character of Morgan le Fay, who may be Mordred's mother or alternatively his lover or wife. When Arthur discovered the whole truth, … He returned to this idea in his 1760 manuscript of the "Alphabetic Bonedd." Mordred is a character from Arthurian legend. The 14th-century Scottish chronicler John of Fordun claimed that Mordred was the rightful heir to the throne of Britain, as Arthur was an illegitimate child (in his account, Mordred was the legitimate son of Lot and Anna, who here is Uther's sister). They are both arrested and Kara is executed via hanging. He also kills Sagramore as well as six other Round Table knights loyal to Arthur in the Post-Vulgate version, which presents this as an incredible and unprecedented feat. Alias The dragon reveals a prophecy that Mordred would be the one to kill Arthur in the future and advises Merlin to let the boy die. Er verbüßt seitdem in Kalifornien eine lebenslange Freiheitsstrafe. Mordred's mother was Morgan/ Morgause (whichever you believe), who were both half sisters of Arthur. In the Vulgate Mort Artu (and consequently in Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur), the terrible final battle begins by an accident during a last-effort peace meeting between him and Arthur. [22] After defeating them, one of them flees to sanctuary in the Church of Amphibalus in Winchester while the other hides in a London friary. He then escapes into the woods and isn't heard from again. [17] According to Boece, Arthur agreed to make Mordred his heir but then, on the advice of the Britons who did not want Mordred to rule, he made Constantine his heir; this led to the war in which Arthur and Mordred die. [4], Gueith Camlann in qua Arthur et Medraut corruerunt. Later, as it had been commanded by the dying Arthur, the Archbishop of Canterbury constructs the Tower of the Dead tomb memorial, from which Bleoberis hangs Mordred's head as a warning against treason and there it then remains for centuries until it is removed by the visiting Ganelon. There they encounter the Shadow Servant, who asks who Mordred is. Mordred is not seen again until season 2 when Morgana, who is quickly discovering she has magic, goes to the druids in hopes that they can help her control her abilities. Arthur had to come back to defend his kingdom, and the battle ended up being so fierce, that the two men fought to the death. The two engage in battle and Mordred emerges the victor after fatally wounding Arthur. To kill Uther Pendragon and free magic back in Camelot. As Modredus, Mordred was depicted as Arthur's traitorous nephew and a legitimate son of King Lot in Geoffrey of Monmouth's pseudo-historical work Historia Regum Britanniae which then served as the basis for the following evolution of the legend since the 12th century. But in the most-known version, they killed each other because Mordred tried to take over Arthur's kingdom. This episode (reminiscent of the Biblical Massacre of the Innocents and sometimes dubbed the "May Day massacre") leads to a war between Arthur and the furious King Lot, believing he was Mordred's father, in which the latter king dies at the hands of Arthur's vassal king Pellinore. In Geoffrey's influential Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), written around 1136, Modredus (Mordred) is portrayed as the nephew of and traitor to Arthur. In this branch of the legend, the young Mordred later joins Arthur's fellowship of the Round Table after Merlin's downfall. Mordred was always ravenously hungry and constantly needed food, which was brought to him by the robot Nigel. After the group defeat the Shadow Servant, Mash … Mordred swears revenge on Merlin, Arthur, and Camelot and then reports to Morgana, where the two decide to become allies once more. Arthur ran Mordred through with his lance. He appears in Dante's Inferno in the lowest circle of Hell, set apart for traitors: "him who, at one blow, had chest and shadow / shattered by Arthur's hand" (Canto XXXII). Strategies for Representing Mordred in American and British Arthurian Film" in, Anna or Morgause (Orcades / Morcades / Morgawse / Margawse), "Why Is the Mor in Voldemort (and Mordor and Dr. Moreau) So Evil-Sounding? The Mordred/Gildas connection "explained" why Gildas gave an unflattering portrayal of Arthur's successor, Constantine, who killed Mordred's sons. Crimes Later variants most often characterised him as Arthur's villainous bastard son, born of an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, the Queen of Orkney named either Anna, Orcades or Morgause. The illegitimate son of King Arthur, who ultimately killed him in battle. Get his revenge against Arthur Pendragon (succeeded). Conversely, Margam Abbey's chronicle Annales de Margan claims Arthur had been buried alongside Mordred, here described as his nephew, in another tomb purportedly exhumed in the "real Avalon" at Glastonbury Abbey.[21]. ", Torregrossa, Michael A., "Will the 'Reel' Mordred Please Stand Up? In Malory’s version, Arthur slept with his half-sister Morgause, not knowing they were related and, as a result, Mordred was born. 2. In Geoffrey's influential Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain), written around 1136, Modredus (Mordred) is portrayed as the nephew of and traitor to Arthur. März 1944 in Jerusalem) ist ein Palästinenser, der wegen des Attentats auf US-Senator Robert F. Kennedy vom 5. This sentiment was elaborated upon by Walter Bower and by Hector Boece, who in his Historia Gentis Scotorum goes so far as to say Arthur and Mordred's brother Gawain were traitors and villains and Arthur usurped the throne from Mordred. Arthur returns and meets Mordred the Malebranche where the latter is encamped by the River Tamar in Cornwall. He is then reunited with Merlin and Arthur for the first time in several years when they are captured by his allies and are about to be killed. As noted by Leslie Alcock, the reader assumes this in the light of later tradition. Merlin arrives, helps him escape, and takes him to Morgana, who helps Merlin hide him from Uther. "The strife of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut fell." His turning point toward villainy is hearing an old priest's prophecy for him and Lancelot, the two "most unfortunate knights", revealing his true parentage and predicting their roles in the ruin of the kingdom. As a result, Mordred tries to help her escape but is stopped by Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. Mordred is an artificial life form-- a kind of homunculus that was given birth by the evil designs of the witch Morgan, the elder sister and archenemy of King Arthur. "[1] The Mabinogion also describes him in the terms of courtliness, calmness and purity. [13] In another Triad, however, he is described as one of "men of such gentle, kindly, and fair words that anyone would be sorry to refuse them anything. Gawain is Mordred's brother already in the Historia as well as in Layamon's Brut. The Man in Black tried to manipulate him into helping him open the Dark Tower, so Mordred killed him. Merlin Der Mord im Landhaus, 1984) Red Eagle (1937) Uncharted Seas (1938) (verfilmt 1968 Bestien lauern vor Caracas) The Malinsay Massacre (1938) – (dt. A formidable knight and a skilled swordsman, Mordred still depended on his mother's magical abilities. Ancelyn, a knight from the other dimension, arrives on Earth to … There have been also alternative stories of Mordred's demise. Yet, unknown to both kings, the baby Mordred actually miraculously survived. Morgana, accompanied by Mordred, then tracks down Arthur and tries to kill him while Merlin is incapacitated. ", This brief entry gives no information as to whether Mordred killed or was killed by Arthur, or even if he was fighting against him. The armies have been fighting all day until at, one point, Arthur sees Mordred and challenges him. Dying, Mordred gave Arthur a mortal wound to the head with his sword. It is there that Mordred and Morgana are reunited and the young druid convinces his people to help him take care of her. The unhistorical account presented by Geoffrey describes Arthur leaving Modredus in charge of his throne as he crossed the English Channel to wage war on Lucius Tiberius of Rome. He later visits Merlin and takes back his threat from many years ago stating that Arthur is good and that Merlin can trust him. [24] In the Alliterative Morte Arthure, the dying Arthur personally orders Constantine to kill Mordred's infant children as Guinevere had been asked by Mordred to flee with them to Ireland. Sir Bedivere took his dying king and his sword to Avalon, where Arthur's body was placed on a boat with several maidens. Goals In the ensuing fighting, Mordred personally slays his cousin Yvain after the latter's rescue of the unhorsed Arthur and then he decapitates the already badly wounded Sagramore. Mordred is first introduced as a young druid boy who is visiting Camelot with his master. Mordred is the bastard son conceived by Arthur when he sleeps with his sister, Morgause, by mistake. Regardless, Merlin remains wary of the young knight. Mordred was associated with Camlann even at that early date, but as Leslie Alcockpoints out, thi… [27] Mordred is especially prominent in popular modern era Arthurian literature, as well as in film, television, and comics. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. "[20] One of the few survivors of Arthur's army, Bleoberis, then drags Mordred's corpse behind a horse around the battlefield of Salisbury Plain until it is torn to pieces. Mordred's few opponents during his brief rule included Kay, who was gravely wounded by Mordred's supporters and died after fleeing to Brittany. After this occurs, Mordred angrily escapes the dungeon using magic. They fought for a long time and Mordred hit King Arthur in many places, but in the end it was Arthur who killed Mordred. The name Mordred, found as the Latinised Modredus in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, comes from Old Welsh Medraut (comparable to Old Cornish Modred and Old Breton Modrot). It is then that Merlin begins to take the great dragon's warning about Mordred more seriously. Who Killed Robert Prentice? One Welsh Triad, based on Geoffrey's Historia, provides an account of his betrayal of Arthur;[12] in another, he is described as the author of one of the "Three Unrestrained Ravagings of the Isle of Britain" – he came to Arthur's court at Kelliwic in Cornwall, devoured all of the food and drink, and even dragged Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) from her throne and beat her. Evil-doer Mordred Deschain is based upon the Arthurian Legend of Mordred. In the Alliterative Morte Arthure, Mordred first kills Gawain by his own hand in an early battle against Arthur's landing forces and then deeply grieves after him. Mordred: translation. However, the great dragon later tells Merlin of another prophecy - that Arthur will rise again one day and once again reign as king. Mordred was the son of Morgaine, a powerful sorceress in an alternate Earth where King Arthur actually existed. However, Mordred's later characterisation as the king's villainous son has a precedent in the figure of Amr or Amhar, a son of Arthur's known from only two references. [1] It is ultimately derived from Latin Moderātus, meaning "within bounds, observing moderation, moderate". Mordred pursued Roland's Ka-Tet, eating many people as he went, and eventually was poisoned from what he ate. Powers/Skills After the execution of his master, Merlin and Morgana convince Gaius to help cure him and they decide to help him escape. According to Uther Pendragon, when Morgana's presumed father Gorlois was away fighting on the Northern Plains, her mother Vivienne had a brief affair with Uther Pendragon and later gave birth to Morgana. None. Mordred then sees that Merlin was the one who tripped him and telepathically states to the warlock: "I shall never forgive you Emrys, and I shall never forget." This time she was Kwyllog or Cwyllog, a Welsh saint. It wasn’t until later stories that he becomes a villain. Medraut is never considered Arthur's son in Welsh texts, only his nephew, though The Dream of Rhonabwy mentions that the king had been his foster father. The first surviving mention of Mordred (here called Medraut), occurs in the Annales Cambriaeentry for the year 537: 1. However, in later writings like the Lancelot-Grail Cycle and Le Morte d'Arthur, Guinevere is not treated as a traitor and instead she flees Mordred's proposal and hides in the Tower of London. Mordred again appears in another episode where he has sided with a group of bandits lead by Alvarr and the two convince Morgana to steal the Crystal of Neahtid, which she does. You have ruined me and the kingdom of Logres, and you have died for it. The Post-Vulgate retelling of Mort Artu deals with the aftermath of Mordred's death in more detail than the earlier works. The Malory answer generally points towards a mixture of self-hatred directed outwards a potential sense of hypocrisy in Arthur, along with incestuous wickedness and some self-fulfilling prophecies thrown into the mix. [5] The Annales themselves were completed between 960 and 970, meaning that (although their authors likely drew from older material[6]) they cannot be considered as a contemporary source having been compiled 400 years after the events they describe.[7]. Before Voldemort and Sauron wreaked havoc on the pages of "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings," there was Mordred, the treacherous villain of Arthurian legend. The accounts presented in the Historia and most other versions include Mordred's death at Camlann, typically in a final duel during which he manages to mortally wound his slayer Arthur. I OWN NOTHING THIS IS NOT FOR COMMERCE JUST ENTERTAINMENT!! He and Ragnor then report to Morgana, who recognizes him and acts kindly towards as a result, and tell her that the duo escaped, much to her displeasure. He is said to be Arthur's son by his half-sister Morgan le Fay (also called Morgana or Morgaine). Mordred However, he is known for his lustful habits, including even attempted rapes, as in the Post-Vulgate Queste (in which he is stopped by King Bagdemagus who wounds him) and in the French romance Claris et Laris. A number of Welsh sources also refer to Medraut, usually in relation to Camlann. Cursed be the hour in which you were born. [14] He also becomes the killer of Pellinore's son Lamorak, as well as a friend and companion of the great knight Lancelot. Geoffrey does not make it clear how complicit Ganhumara is with his actions, simply stating that the Queen had "broken her vows" and "about this matter... [he] prefers to say nothing. [28] He has been portrayed by Leonard Penn (The Adventures of Sir Galahad 1949), Brian Worth (The Adventures of Sir Lancelot 1956–1957), David Hemmings (Camelot 1967), Robert Addie (Excalibur 1981), Nickolas Grace (Morte d'Arthur 1984), Simon Templeman (The Legend of Prince Valiant 1991–1994), Craig Sheffer (Merlin: The Return 2000), Hans Matheson (The Mists of Avalon 2001), Alexander Vlahos and Asa Butterfield (Merlin 2008–2012), and Miyuki Sawashiro (Fate/Apocrypha 2017, Fate/Grand Order), among others. To kill Uther Pendragon and free magic back in Camelot (failed)Get his revenge against Arthur Pendragon (succeeded) Type of Villain Mordred is usually a brother or half-brother to Gawain; however, his other family relations as well as his relationships with Arthur's wife Guinevere vary greatly. She was almost afraid to look down. [19] The Alliterative Morte Arthure has Mordred grievously wound Arthur with the sword Clarent, stolen for him from Arthur by his co-conspirator Guinevere, but then Arthur slashes off Mordred's sword arm and brutally skewers him up on the sword Caliburn (Excalibur). Merlin chooses to ignore the dragon's warning and the second escape attempt proves successful and Mordred is returned to the druids. He then escapes into the woods and isn't heard from again. Since Geoffrey, Mordred is often said to be succeeded by his sons. For the 4 , see Mordred (Rider). In most versions of the legend, he is the nephew of Arthur and the son of his half-sister Morgause (or in earlier accounts Arthur's full sister Anna), either by her husband Lot or through an affair with Arthur himself. [23] This act invokes the vengeance of God, and three years later Constantine is killed by his nephew Aurelius Conanus.